Saturday, 12 May 2018

Copy bulk Sitecore Items between instances

Today I am going to talk about a very common issue which we face when working with more than one environments/instances of Sitecore.

Moving bulk content and specially media items is a tedious task for which I have written this blog post.
We have some tools that can do the job for us but most of them need paid license to use.
Another way to achieve this is by using a very powerful Sitecore scripting tool called as Sitecore powershell extensions(SPE).

Firstly, we will talk about the tools that can help moving bulk content items:

  1. TDS/Unicorn: These are 2 similar tools, which can be used to serialize items and then sync across various instances of Sitecore. TDS is having more features but needs paid license to use. Unicorn is free and can be used to setup for serializing the items.
  2.  Razl : This is a great tool created by Hedgehoge, which can be used to compare and move items from one instance to other. Using this we can compare 2 databases side by side and simply move items from left to right and vica-versa.

This tool can be very useful as it gives us the clear picture of all items and there presence in each instance.